Thinking of enrolling your child in Butler Montessori?

Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime, an opportunity to utilize the skills he or she already possesses, in an environment that encourages them to learn in their own special way. If you agree that each child possesses his or her own individual style of learning and discipline, then Montessori should be a natural choice for your child.

Butler Montessori is available to all children, starting at the age of three and continuing through kindergarten age. It is accepting applications for enrollment. Contact us to arrange for a private consultation or attend an open house. Please call for details.

We hope you’ll consider giving your child the opportunity to experience the Butler Montessori program.

“The most compelling reason for my choosing the Butler Montessori School for our three children is its emphasis on respect for oneself. Even at this early stage in education, the importance of working hard and being a decent human being is instilled by the teachers and the Montessori method. The children gain knowledge, but more importantly, they gain the ethics and values that are indispensable for one’s feeling of self-worth.”

-Susan Tredennick

Application Forms

To submit your application, please fill out the form below.  You will be contacted by someone to discuss your application, and schedule a time to meet with the teachers.

Or if you’d prefer, download your application below, and submit to